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Woodbridge, NJ

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Search Tips

Zvents is a little different than most local search engines. There are three search fields for finding things to do and places to visit - what, when and where.

Telling us what you like is the best way to find what your are looking for when searching for things to do, local attractions and performers coming to town.

If you'd like, tell us when you want to go out and we'll limit the results to that time period. Traveling or curious what's going on elsewhere? Click Advanced Search and change where.

What are you looking for?

In the what box be as specific (USC Cal Football) or as general (jazz) as you want. You may event leave the box blank and we'll show you everything coming up by what's most popular.

Give these a try:


The when field lets you narrow your search to a specific time frame. If you leave this field blank, you'll get a list of everything in the future.

We support many ways to specify times in the when field.

  • today
  • tomorrow
  • friday
  • this weekend
  • 12/25/2009
  • next week
  • december
  • last month
  • thanksgiving
  • december 15

Advanced Search: Where?

The where box allows you to constrain your search to a specific location. We recognize cities, street addresses and zip / postal codes.

To help you narrow or expand your searches, you can also use the within box to select a distance from the location you specified in the where box. If you're looking for things to do within 100 miles of San Francisco, simply enter "San Francisco" in the where field and "100" in the within field.