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Premium Listings FAQ

Premium Upgrade General

Why should I upgrade to a Premium Event Ad?

You have two options when upgrading your listingto a Premium Event Ad. You can upgrade to one or both, based on your needs and budget. -
  1. Add Premium Attributes - Upgrading with Premium attributes on your Event Ad, allows you to add photos, video, ticket links and other custom messaging. These attributes drive deeper engagement with your Event Ad and increase conversion, especially for ticket sales.
  2. Add Sponsored Positioning - Upgrading the positioning of your event's listings in prominent positions across the site (including premium positions in Search Results, widgets and content modules) drives considerably more page views to your event. Sponsored Positioning is a "Pay Per Click" (PPC) model, whereby you set your budget only pay for the clicks you receive. When you upgrade to Sponsored Positioning, you also get access to a full suite of reports that help you track the number of clicks you received and a host of other metrics to help you measure your R.O.I. Pay Per Click promotion is the most cost effective way to promote online today.

What does my Event Ad look like with a premium attributes?

You can add photos, video, and custom links to sell tickets, post coupons, special offers, and promotions on your web site. Premium Attributes drive engagement with your event and your audience by adding more details about your event such as photos, longer descriptions and your company's logo. ( view example).

Where does my Event Ad appear with Sponsored Positioning?

Your event will appear at the top or bottom of search result pages whenever a user searches for words, categories or times that are relevant to your listing (view example). Your event may also rotate with other Event Ads upgraded with Sponsored Positioning in prominent positions throughout the site on home pages, landing pages and widgets displayed throughout the Zvents Media Network partner sites in your local area.

Can I limit where my Event Ad is shown?

When you create your Event Ad, you add important information used in searches such as the date, the location of the event, the primary and secondary event categories and tags. When you place a listing into our network, it is accessible via over 280 websites. If someone is looking for things to do in your area when your event is taking place or where your venue is located, they will see your listing. If you've purchased the Sponsored Position upgrade option for your Event Ad, consumers will likely see it before they see other events.

Can I be more prominent than my competitors?

By purchasing a Premium upgrade and including Sponsored Position promotion budget you're already ahead of the pack because your event will get prominent placement across the site. To get the most for your money, we recommend that you take advantage of all the enhancements available to make your listing more attractive to potential customers.


How does billing work?

We bill you up-front: Your initial bill will show charges only for what options you've selected. If you purchase Premium Attribute Upgrade, a one-time $19.95 Enhancement Fee will appear on your invoice. The fee associated with Premium Attributes is non-refundable and is a one-time fee, so will not appear on monthly invoices.

If you've also selected Sponsored Positioning Upgrade, the Pay Per Click (PPC) Promotion Budget amount you select will also appear on the invoice. PPC budgets can be set up as one time charges or monthly recurring charges (if you want to promote your event on an ongoing basis).

One time charges are generally for one time events. Recurring charges are set up for recurring events.

If you choose the Sponsored Positioning PPC promotion option with one time charges (no monthly recurring billing), then you will receive an initial invoice reflecting the up-front charge (the PPC budget you set). Additional invoices will be generated each time you add funds to your PPC Promotion Budget. If you are due a refund for unspent budget, a final invoice reflecting the refund. If you choose the monthly recurring billing option then your credit card will be charged every 30 days or when your budget has been spent, whichever comes last. You will receive an invoice each time your credit card is charged. Each invoice will inform you of the previous balance, the number of clicks you received for that balance, the new balance (in case you changed it during the previous billing cycle), and the current charge against your credit card. If you have not spent your entire budget, the final invoice will reflect this as a refund to your credit card.

How does refunding work?

If you cancel your Premium Listing upgrade we will refund your unused promotion budget within 24 hours of the cancellation. Same for if your listing expires with unused promotion budget remaining. Refunds will be issued to the credit card used to purchase the Premium Listing upgrade. Charges for premium attributes on your Event Ad are non-refundable.

Setting you Sponsored Positioning Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Budget

Which budget option should I choose?

As a rule, the best budget option for one-time events is the one time charge option ("I'm willing to spend up to $100 total") since on average these type of listings are submitted six weeks in advance of the event date. This option is best if you want to keep things simple: You have a certain amount of advertising budget and you want to spend it advertising this event.

However, if you have a long-running event or an event with multiple occurrences, you can cap your budget spend with a 30-day limit. Choose the recurring charge option, e.g., "I'm willing to spend up to $100 total per month". This option automatically renews your events Premium status and Pay Per Click budget.

Ultimately the choice is yours.

What is a click?

A click is counted when someone clicks through to your listing. Each click draws down your Promotion Budget by the Pay Per Click amount. When your PPC Promotion Budget reaches $0 your listing will no longer be displayed in the Sponsored Listings sections of our search engine result pages but it will continue to appear in its organic (normal) ranked position in our search results.

How can I keep my premium upgrade active?

Easy: If you run out of budget and want to keep promoting your listing, just click the "Adjust Budget" link from the "My Listings" page and add more funds to your budget. If you'd like to add funds to your current budget, click the "Add To Budget" link and enter the amount you want to add. If you chose monthly billing and want to change the amount you are charged every month, simply click the "Change Refresh Amount" link and enter the new amount.

Can I adjust my budget later?

Yes, you may change your budget at any time. Simply log in, click the "My Listings" link, then click the "Add To Budget" link and enter the new amount. If you chose monthly billing, click the "change Refresh Amount" link and enter the new amount.

What happens when I reach my budget?

If you spend your budget, congratulations! We'll email you immediately to let you know and give you the opportunity to renew your budget. Remember, there are no surprises: You control your budget; we will never spend more than you approve.

If you wish to renew your budget you may do so at any time: Simply log in then click the "My Listings" link. When you see the listing you want to renew, click the "Renew Budget" link for that listing. The amount you entered last will be prefilled, but you may change that amount if you wish. When you have chosen your budget, simply click the "Renew" button at the bottom of the page and you're done.

How can I increase or reduce my budget?

You can change your budget at any time: Simply log in then click the "My Listings" link. When you see the listing you want to renew, click the "Adjust Budget" link for that listing. You will see the current budget displayed. To change the amount, simply click the field with the current budget and type your new amount. To change both your budget and the option, just click the budget field for the other option and enter the new amount. Click the "Update" button at the bottom of the page and you're done.

What if I'm getting clicks faster than I expected?

First, this means your event is popular and your advertising efforts are paying off, so congratulations!

With that understanding, you still have the option to restrain your promotion and pace the spending your of budget to a level you desire. You can pause your premium benefits by going to your "My Listings" page and clicking the "Pause" button on that listing. When you click "Pause" your Event ad and Event listing will continue to be displayed in our organic search results and users may still view the basic information available on your event. To resume the Event Ad's Premium status, simply revisit the "My Listings" page and click the "Resume" button for that listing.

What happens if I don't get any clicks? Do I get my money back?

If you don't get any clicks, we refund any balance remaining in your promotion budget. It's that simple.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. Simply log in, go to the "My Listings" page and click the "Cancel Premium Upgrade" link. When you cancel, any unused budget will be refunded to your credit card automatically.

What information can I get about views of my listing?

For each listing we provide data with graphs showing you your daily clicks. We will add more reporting features in the future (stay tuned).

Why are the numbers in the Metrics and Budget columns different?

Because we're guarding against click-fraud: You pay for clicks that represent real customers, only. We don't charge you when you click your own link, when our administrators or editors click it, nor when someone clicks your listing over and over. As a result the total clicks for your listing may be more than the amount shown in the "Unused" portion of your Promotion Budget.

Special Features

Can I change my photos (logo, video etc.) after I've uploaded them?

Yes. Log in, click the "My Listings" link and choose the listing you want to edit by clicking the "Edit Event" link for that listing. Edit the information for your listing, then save your changes.