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Woodbridge, NJ

   [change my location] and Zvents Media Network Sunsetting October 31st, 2014

I wanted to let you know that we will be sunsetting the Zvents hosted solution and the site. We'll be keeping the solution running through the end of October and during that window, content will continue to flow in from our feeds and other solutions and editorial features will continue to operate on our partner sites. We will also continue to assist you with questions, but will have only a skeleton crew for the more pressing issues.

Many of you may already have seen some of the signs of this decision coming, as we pared down our staff over the past few years and were unable to keep the site up to the current trends in social and user engagement. This technical situation, combined with other industry factors, forced us to make the decision to shut down our product offering.

I feel honored that we were given the opportunity to provide a service so valuable to yourselves and your communities. Thank you again for helping us create something so wonderful.

Thank you for keeping arts, entertainment and community alive,
The Zvents Team

How long will the Zvents service stay up and running?
Answer: We plan to keep the site functional until October 31st, at which time we will shut the lights off for good.

Can I still promote my event on or the Zvents Media Network before the shutdown?
Answer: Yes, those features will continue to operate in self-serve mode.

What happens to my promotional campaign after the shutdown?
Answer: Your promotional campaign will still operate until the time of the shutdown of the network. After the shutdown, remaining promotional budget will be refunded to you.

What happens to the partner sites or API sites using your network?
Answer: Partner sites will have until October 31st to transition, at which time our APIs and services will go offline.

What does the shutdown mean to me today?
Answer: We have a skeleton staff to support your requests. Please note our responsiveness on your questions may be reduced during this time. Our main focus will be on supporting transitions of our Partners to new solutions and on supporting existing advertisers.