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Paris, TN

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Parisian Theatre

1075 Jim Adams Dr., Paris, TN, 38242
(731) 642-7171

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Movies Showing at Parisian Theatre
Today, Friday, Jul 11
Comedy, Action - R
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
7:00 9:45
Horror, Thriller - R
7:05 9:35
Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama - PG
7:20 9:25
Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Animated - PG
Comedy - R
7:15 9:30
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
Location & Nearby Info
Parisian Theatre
1075 Jim Adams Dr.
Paris, TN 38242
(731) 642-7171
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Reviews & Comments
(no rating) Nov 06, 2010 - Cee
Good Place!

I've never had any problem with the staff at this theatre. The ticket sellers are quick and efficient and friendly. Each theatre is cleaned after each show and the seats are VERY comfortable. I'd recommend the Parisian to anyone!

(no rating) Feb 06, 2010 - Iteach

I was appalled by the audacity of the man I guess was a cop who policed the theatre warning everyone of using their cell phones. First of all, you couldn't even hear him for all the teenagers so rudely cutting up. I don't think they were intimidated at all.Then I noticed he picked on a little girl, probably around 10 years old because she had her cell phone out turning it off. I'm assuming that was her mother who got up and went out with her - You know that little girl was scared to death. Come on Mr. Policeman pick on someone your own size! Don't scare a little 10 year old girl from ever coming to the movies with her family again. GET REAL!

(no rating) Nov 06, 2009 - collinst1
praise of the paris theater

Our school in rural northwest Tennessee gives Citizen of the Month awards to 6th, 7th and 8th graders each month. The award is 2 movie tickets per person to the Parisian movie theater in paris, tn. The Parisian gives these tickets to our school for FREE. Our school in return uses the theater for our No detention parties each year. The owner is very generous to our school. The theater is very clean and we are treated with respect every time our students walk into the doors of the theater.

(no rating) Nov 05, 2009 - furo
too much talking

the theater is way to noisy. it is worth the effort to just go on to murray or jackson. they do not control the teenagers, the teenagers control the theater.

(no rating) Oct 30, 2009 - pigmy_ghost
Its not the movies fault!

The older lady at the ticket window is incredibly rude and judgmental. She has a certain air about her that is not pleasant. And yes, the owner and a couple others do stare at you to the point of making you feel very uncomfortable. Or maybe they just think im really sexy and the lady upfront is jelious.

Feb 23, 2009 - martian
Unbiased review

I have been in theaters from Hawaii to Boston. I don't know any of the people who work in the Parisian. I have been to the Parisian about 20 times in the last 4 years. They don't have much candy for diabetics but do have diet soda. The theater is usually very clean. I have never seen anybody throwing anything. Talking during a flick is not permitted. I saw the management ask some people to be quiet or leave. The sound system is good, the bathrooms are usually clean. It is a good place to take the kids. It would have gotten 5 stars if I were only comparing this theater to small town theaters. But, Sam's town in Las Vegas has several restaurants that you can get food from and bring it in to eat while you watch the flick.

Jan 11, 2009 - Mcunitedrocks
i disagree

i for one think the parisian theater is great i love the seats i fill like i just sink in them (kind of) they are so comfortble and i am still going to go there no matter what anyone says about it and i know the manger (kind of) well my grandad does and the manger would never do that so people who are saying false information are stupid just to say that. Oh yeah i went there

(no rating) Aug 09, 2008 - pqgmama

It sounds like you know the manager or are the manager pretending not to be. Perhaps, you're his spouse. You say you would watch a customer that was suspected of stealing. Does this mean you would go and stare at them obviously numerous times? I doubt it. You'd send someone 'undercover' to check it out. You can't expect someone who's been incorrectly accused of an illegal action to just go, 'oh well no wonder you were staring at us and no doubt following my children around while they were using the bathroom.' Of course not! It would tick you off! Not only did he ruin your day out and your movie experience, which basically wasted your money and time, but he also directly pointed the finger at her children. This above all would push my last button. I don't know either of you and haven't been to the Parisian. We just moved to the area and were thinking about heading to a movie this afternoon, with our 4 children. Now, I'm reconsidering, we might head over to Huntingdon.

(no rating) Jul 06, 2008 - hchs_pats
do tell

If I may enquire, what, pray tell, would you have done in this situation? If someone was recording a movie, why in Heaven's name would they ADMIT that they were? When they surely know that it is ILLEGAL! Maybe the owner was trying to figure out what was going on instead of "treating you so rudely". Possibly he was trying to make sure that you weren't before he accused you of doing it, or before the law was involved. He was trying to be informed. And why would someone say that you were recoring a movie anyway? The staff at the parisian would not just make up a lie to get you in trouble, that wastes their time, and they have important things to take care of! Maybe, he was just trying to check out and make sure that nothing illegal was going on in his theatre! Did you ever consider this before you "told everyone you know"? How would you treat your customers if someone called you and said they saw them put something in their pocket? You would watch them! Please don't lie. I work with the public, and that is what I would do! And that is what any person would to, to make sure and not overreact! That is what they were doing, ever consider that? Look and realize that if you were doing nothing wrong, then you had nothing to worry about in the first place!! one more thing- how would you expect the staff there to know that you don't own a camcorder? they're not psychic! Please consider both sides of the story before you spread lies about a business owner that you don't know! thanks!

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