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Woodbridge, NJ

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Babylon A.D.

In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, a battle-hardened mercenary, Toorop (Vin Diesel), lives by his own code and the credo kill or be killed. His latest assignment is to escort a young woman named Aurora (Mélanie Thierry) and her guardian, Sister Rebeka (Michelle Yeoh), from Kazakhstan to New York. Facing danger at each turn, Toorop begins to realize that Aurora represents the last hope for mankind's survival.

Vin Diesel Toorop
Michelle Yeoh Sister Rebeka
Mélanie Thierry Aurora
Lambert Wilson Darquandier
Mark Strong Finn
Gérard Depardieu Gorsky
Charlotte Rampling High Priestess
Jérôme Le Banner Killa
Joel Kirby Dr. Newton
Souleymane Dicko Jamal
Radek Bruna Karl

Created by Zvents Zvents

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Reviews & Comments
Sep 03, 2008 - AnDroo.Napoli on Babylon A.D.

In the not too distant future man is all but wiped out and recoverd from a war on many fronts. Looking for salvation is a journey one takes alone, as all avenues of faith are as corrupt as the mafia lead bread lines. In the nuclear explosion pitted earth of Russia lives a man, seasoned by the horrors of battle and the mercenary life, his job, to smuggle people.

On the other end of this world there's a mysterious girl abandoned as a youth with an amazing curiosity. By age 2 she was questioning the world in 18 different languages, and seems to addapt to any situation she is placed into with little to no resistance other than her own will and conscience.

They are both survivors as well as saviors, and they need each other. Her path is to lead humanity into a future blessed with prosperity as promised by her faith, and his path is to lead her through the trials of daly life that he, and the rest of the world, experiences every moment they're still alive.

Through thier journey she learns what it is that she is saving by watching the suffering and the paranoya of the world. She fosters her faith and strengthens it with a journey that brings her face to face with Death mocking her every move, for she is not one of Death's children... Her savior cold and driven to preserve his honor and the lost arts of the humanity he use to believe in, where people did the first job they take for the honor of getting it done, in spite of better oportunities that arise. His frozen heart like a shield to protect her; and she is like a beacon of hope for him, sometimes blinding him to question his means over his motives. Is the sacrifice of many worth that of the one?

Meanwhile looming above the two are equally opposing forces of cold and hot, both impure. One is a profiteering madman ensuring his remaining days are lined with gold and satin. While the other, a church, forcing the hand of god and creating humanitiy's fate in thier secret labratories, and shaping history with spy satalites, viruses, nuclear weapons, and other abolminations and sins, including creating life.

They created the girl. She is a genetically engineered savior of man incubated and brewing a new conciousness of faith and compassion. A coctail of the God gene mixed with intelectualy dominating minds like Leonardo DaVinci, Einstein, George Washington Carver and married with the love and selflessness of Nelson Mandela and Mother Theresa. She is all things good that humanity could ever be, raised in a loving relcusive convent on the edge of the world. She is to be delivered to New York on the dawn of a new age to give the rotting world hope, and usher in a new world order with her virgin birth to shake the establishement at it's foundation. All for the sake of the church that manufactured her to be a puppet in thier vision.

One cannot rule the world with parlor tricks and lab made creations. It takes the will of the many lead by those who know the pain of the many and have real solutions to those pains. It takes compassion for your fellow man. The girl's creator knows this, and has intercepted her fate as a father would protect a daughter doomed to die a martyr. Betrayal and remorse, regret and redemtion, trial and success all mount ot a climax of ultimate sacrifice. Is the sacrifice of many worth that of the one? Yes, if he or she is the only thing pure left in the world, even if they're man made abolminations. God is not as aloof as this world hopes. Abolmination or not, she has a soul, a will, a destiny that no man can control.

That would be a really good movie had the movie actually been capable of that synopsis... In short this movie was as dry as Go from Point A to Point B, for seemingly no reason, avoid explosions on the way, to arrive in New York for no aparent reason...

This movie felt like it was an 8 part series condensed into a made for TV one hour movie then expanded to a 90 minute action film. Had a strong opening, and really awesome sound and environments, but any time there was dialogue things started ot collapse.

They could have done more wihtt he "Scientology" church.
They could have done more wiht the Scientist that created her.
They could have done more on the fears behind her being a weapon.
They could have done more on her genetic creation.
They could have done more on the duality between her creator and the Leader of the Scientology Church.
They could have done more with the technology of that day.
They could have done more between the transitions between "zones".
They could have done more with Vin Desel.
They could have made the periferal characters more important, or at least less vague.
They could have explained how a gnetically created human can Psyonically repel Missiles.

If you're able to repell missiles with your mind, in a highly advanced civilization, how is it so easy to die during child birth?

If you can smuggle 12 dudes with 14 million dollars INTO an extremely poor war torn country that is more protected/watched/armed than Area 51, why cant you just snatch one girl on your own?

If there's Robotic Drones that can fly around and kill anything that moves in a 50 mile swath of land, why would you send 4 poorly armed range rovers after a hummer?

If you got Satalites that can read the driver's liscense on a moving person through the walls of a building in real time, why would you suddenly lose track of them after they evade your 4 land rovers in a wide open field?

Yes, this movie is more shit than your average flick.
Save your money.
If it's on TV, I'd suggest you change the channel.
It's bad, but not bad enough to warrent the "This is so bad you have to see it because it's amazingly bad" clause.

I was paid to see this so you dont' have to.

Sep 03, 2008 - Cprettyleaf on Babylon A.D.
Who allowed this movie to be produced!

I was not that interested in seeing this movie in the first place but a bunch of my friends wanted to see this so I went along hoping in would not be as bad as I expected it to be. Amazingly it was worse than I thought!

While I admit to liking some Vin Diesel Movies...I am tired of the role he plays in every one, aloof badass that doesn't want to be a hero but ends up having to be.

There was no continuity in this movie what so ever! It seems that every scene jumped whole days at a time, that would be fine if there had been some explanation to the jumps but they were just to random.
The girl is some experiment for a new religion that is just as kooky and ridiculous as Scientology! immaculate conception, and multi- racial twins are just a few of the crazy things that happen in this movie.

I am sick and tired of the shaky cam being used for every fight scene in every movie I would like to see what is going on for gods sake! Oh and the most annoying thing about this movie is why bother to make someone half bionic and never show how much more awesome he should be now!

This movie was terrible but I will admit that after a point it just became funny which I don"t believe was the intent of the movie so that is why I gave is such a poor score.

Sep 03, 2008 - mbrdf2 on Babylon A.D.
Classic Vin Diesel movie...

Similar with 'Triple X', and 'The Fast and the Furious' series, senseless violence is accompanied with an absolutely senseless plot.

Sure, lots of explosions and racing and such is fun, but one can only handle so much without having any sort of plot.

The movie is fairly interesting in the beginning, but the plot absolutely falls apart towards the end, leaving just about every aspect of the story unexplained, with events thrown in that make absolutely no sense.

Then, throwing in religious aspects, i.e. immaculate conception drove the plot further and further away from any sort of structure, adding to my confusion, and boredom to boot.

Definitely a waste of time, I wouldn't watch it even if it was on T.V.

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