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Speed Racer

Born into a family business of race cars, Speed Racer (Emile Hirsch) is one of the track's hot stars. Sitting at the wheel of his Mach 5, he consistently deflates the competition. When Speed turns down an offer from the head of Royalton Industries, he uncovers a secret. Powerful moguls fix the races to boost profits. Hoping to beat the executive, Speed enters the same arduous cross-country race that killed his brother.

Created by Zvents Zvents

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Jul 31, 2008 - paul_agilleo on Speed Racer

This movie scared me because everyone went too fast. SLOW DOWN! Why were there no traffic cops, traffic lights, and yield signs? I also saw several illegal U-turns. Were the traffic cops all too scared to be impaled on the front of a race car? Where was Chuck Norris? Was he on a coffee break? He would've been brave enough to write these hooligans a ticket. Marshawn Lynch got a ticket for hitting someone on by accident, and these people don't even get a warning for speeding on by purpose? My mom pays her taxes and expects to see them at work. Can't they just buy these spineless signal cops backbone transplants? Stop, Speed, stop!
Also, my mother constantly talks about the price of gas "these days," so how could they afford to fill all those cars?
And if the politicians make a "gas tax holiday", will I get to stay up an extra four minutes?

May 29, 2008 - nodrog on Speed Racer
Weird, Wild, and Wonderful

Great movie and a lot of fun. In retrospect, this is what would be expected -- the Wachowski's blend of new film technique and mainstream production and actors can succeed (and it does here). The revolution they are pushing here is in technique over content though a message of corporate greed is woven nicely into the story. Matthew Fox translates wonderfully to the screen from Lost (much better than in Vantage Point) and is a fun addition.

May 16, 2008 - cnapoli on Speed Racer
may be a little too faithful to the cartoon

For those who loved the Speed Racer cartoon show, you're probably love this film. It's made in a similar vein to other surreal semi-animated movies like "Sin City" and "300".

It really is the animated show blown up faithfully onto the big screen. Same characters, same cheesy dialog, same boys' Matchbox car race fantasy brought to you in technicolor.

But since the movie is so true to the source, I remembered, hey, I really didn't like Speed Racer when I was a kid. It bored me. Even when it was cool to like it when it was brought back on MTV, my hipster sensibilities couldn't embrace it.

So, as an adult, I was still bored, and still couldn't "get into it."

But it's not a bad film. There are moments that I genuinely laughed at, and I enjoyed the hyper color palette used. This is also a family film, so other than one or two swear words, this is a good film to take your kids too.

Anyway, like I said this is a pretty good movie, but I think it's much more enjoyable if you already love the original Speed Racer cartoon.

May 16, 2008 - lucianwindgates on Speed Racer
very very very good movie ^^

the movie was great i love it.
ive seen it 13 times and still love it. i took all my friends and my family to go c it. then next mouth im going to c it in IMAX. it was great the story and actors. its was funny and filled with acton.
its been a very good movie to me in a long time.
and to me it tops ironman.
very good movie a must see X3

May 16, 2008 - AnDroo.Napoli on Speed Racer
Unfair to Epileptics.

This movie was filmed from inside the lower digestive tract of a gummie bear!

I admit, I was tilting in my seat quite a bit during this movie. There's so much movement packed into every sceine, it's almost too much. I very pleased they could add a plot to speed racer, I'm more puzzled now as to who would care enough to even bother. Speed Racer was that thing you caught at like 4am after stumbling in from a long night of drinking; it wasn't suppose to make sense as far as I knew, but this plot was actually pretty good, and simple enough that anyone could follow it. No hidden message here, it was all right there in front of you, the corperate machine is a vile beast that cares about nothing but power, and in the end, those who give a shit about those around them are the ones who truely live.

One thing that echoed through my head after seeing this was "Dick Tracy" all the villians were campy cultural steriotypes that were so over the top it reminded me of that god awful movie. Other than that wierd little sidetrack my brain decided to take, I liked it.

May 15, 2008 - stoweiam on Speed Racer
Good, Smothered by Iron Man

This movie opened in the shadow of Iron Man, a totally sweet movie, so it did not deliver the same opening week flare that Iron Man did, but it was a good movie. Loved the car.

May 12, 2008 - Cprettyleaf on Speed Racer
Hail to the Cheese!

This movie was awesome! some of my friends did not agree but they are Wrong!

I went into the theater knowing full well that this movie was going to be cheesy and thats what made this movie so fantastic.

There are some really insane racing scenes and even some ninjas! Crazy Technicolor flashing all over the screen is abound in this movie and I would suggest if you are epileptic be wary.

The over emphasized speech patterns are peppered in this movie which lets you know that this is intended to be cheesy like the cartoon came to be here in America.

The cheese factor of this movie was so immense in this movie but thats what I think most people expected from this movie if they new anything about the cartoon.

If Nascar racing was like the racing in this movie I would be at every race because its way more intense and insane than any that is plausible!

May 11, 2008 - Tharrah on Speed Racer
Go! Speed Go!

It seems that people are getting better at remaking old cartoons into movies these days. This is a really hit or miss title between my friends and I. Som of them really hated the movie because they just couldn't handle the cheese factor of the movie, but all of them enjoy really cheesy movies otherwise, so it may just be this particular brand.

This is a racing movie, but a little more as well. The racing is definitely action packed, and there are plenty of great scenes out of the cars as well. Having chosen to hold true to the cartoon, you should be expecting some really goofy antics and bright (can't stress this enough) BRIGHT, colors. This movie may be a bad choice for an epileptic.

I am taking away a star because of the ending. No need for me to explain that here, and no it's not a crappy ending, it just made me groan really loudly.

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