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Woodbridge, NJ

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Running Time 165 min
MPAA rating PG-13
Release Date Jul 20, 2012
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The Dark Knight Rises

It has been eight years since Batman (Christian Bale), in collusion with Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman), vanished into the night. Assuming responsibility for the death of Harvey Dent, Batman sacrificed everything for what he and Gordon hoped would be the greater good. However, the arrival of a cunning cat burglar (Anne Hathaway) and a merciless terrorist named Bane (Tom Hardy) force Batman out of exile and into a battle he may not be able to win.

Christian Bale Bruce Wayne/Batman
Anne Hathaway Selina Kyle
Tom Hardy Bane
Marion Cotillard Miranda Tate
Joseph Gordon-Levitt John Blake
Michael Caine Alfred
Gary Oldman Commissioner Jim Gordon
Morgan Freeman Lucius Fox

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Reviews & Comments
(no rating) Aug 28, 2012 - victor4444 on The Dark Knight Rises

A must see plenty of action

Jul 30, 2012 - Brianna2727 on The Dark Knight Rises
Enjoyable- doesn't deserve a poor review

I do not quite agree with the below review. In reply to the below list;

-I don't recall groaning, unless he is being beaten senseless, then, I believe he is entitled to groaning
-Maybe because he's been wasting away in his room for many years
-the cop has potential, and isn't an instant superhero, in fact, his boss calls him a 'hot head'
-all actresses look like models
-soap operas are more dramatic
-Bane told Batman why the prison has a built in escape route, so that prisoners have hope, which tortures the soul (recall, only 1 person escaped.)
-She was keeping Batman close to get to the generator
-no, they don't, they never died
-he's still great
-you can tell
-the deaths, though tragic, have an underlining meaning
-He was severely injured, he probably eats with tubes or something
-he's a superhero, his technology doesn't have to make sense. (Nobody questions what he drives, do they?)
-Gotham isn't NYC, but there are plenty of islands in the world.
-Bane? His motives were to help Marina fulfill her father's wishes, which, are explained in full detail in the movie
-She wasn't even near the bomb when she tried to detonate it
-because a dead boy found ashore was an orphan, which led to them going to the orphanage to find out why the dead boy was in the sewers to begin with, and about their belief in Batman (as most of the cops tried to KILL him). They are a symbol of innocence
-Batman still has humor; though I don't blame him for not having much, as the love of his life died and he's been sad for years
-I am not working for anyone, I just enjoyed the movie

I don't even know if the guy below even watched the movie, because I've seen far worse.

Jul 20, 2012 - secondopinion on The Dark Knight Rises
The Dark Knight Sinks- In Sewer full of Bat Guano

Is Bane the place Romney created? Then this movie is educational. But worth seeing? Not if you go to enjoy movies, or think, or like to come out saying my that was worth spending 3 hours of my life.

3 is not a charm when it comes to comic book sequels. It was not for Superman, nor for Spiderman and certainly not for the first Batman. But as obnoxious and over the top as those could have been nothing prepares you for Gothic Gotham and the many travesties of this thoroughly offensive Knight.

At midnight Friday summer movie viewing did a swan dive into the sewers of New York. There is so much wrong in this film from the booming unmusical score, the incoherent action, the contrived and silly plot, the melodrama, the terrible casting of cat woman (we like Hathaway but cat woman does not wear Prada), the extreme revisionism, the length for length sake, and on and on.

First a list. This film is wrong in so many ways that writing them all would go on too long. Let's see
-he groans like Maria Sharapova fighting Bane, every swing he takes it sounds like she is serving
-His costume seems too big for him. Small potatoes but if you watch there is this wrong fit, wrong blend of reality and comic throughout.
-A Dwebe Cop shows up and is an instant super hero
-Anne Hathaway looks like she is modeling and is as convincing as an arch athletic villain as a Kardashian would be
-The Bane story is a contrived soap opera so silly comics would reject it
-So why does the prison have a built in escape route? To make prisoners optimistic. That makes sense. About as much sense as taking Batman and sending him halfway around the world to a place he can escape from.
-Try to make sense of the Marina story. When you know what you know do her prior actions make sense? Think it through knowing what you learn and think about the Wayne takeover etc.
-I know the firemen ran to their deaths on 911 but do all uniform guys have a death wish? There is so much nonsense and illogic in their actions.
-Zimmer is a great movie composer. What Happened?
-Can you really tell what is going on in combat sequences or is it a mish mash of images?
-How much gratuitous death without purpose is needed for Sadism?
-Aren't Bane Cat and Bat a little too fetish? By the way, how does Bane eat?
-Exactly how did Wayne become such a wreck? And how did he instantly recover? And then how did that whole vertebrae thing work later on? Blame it on Obamacare?

-Gotham is NOT NEW YORK. What idiot decided going from artsy atmospheric to grainy and grimy was a good idea? It changes the scene from comic unreality to NYPD Blue. Just another aspect that does not fit. The director wants us to both take this seriously as high art and reality but accept the nonsense as well. That does not work.

-Explain again Bane's plan and goals. Outline your answer. No skipping.

Trust me, that is a short list of bad acting (sorry Michael "weepy" Caine), bad plotting, bad effects, etc.
Retching Over Wretched Excess..It is not just Bane who is in the sewers, you will be dragged in for 3 hours.

Oh yes, there is repeating schmaltz about orphans. An atomic bomb cannot be detonated by someone sitting almost next to the bomb(she is in the cab of the truck with the detonator and still can't trigger it?)... and when it is blown a lttle off shore it is watched exploding as though it is fireworks. It's an atomic bomb.

So is this comics or reality? Neither apparently...it is Hollywood.

The plot includes destroying New York for no coherent reason. There is head spinning contradiction, an attempt to blend realism with nonsense,and then that excuse for dialog. Ah, but fortunately you cannot make out a lot of the dialog over the booming sound effects. That at least keeps us from hearing the concocted explanations for bad plotting.

Remember when batman had humor? Right that was Tim Burton's version...not a trace of humor in this horror story version. It is mean spirited through and through.

This movie is a mess. It is another one of those examples of dumping everything into the finale and hoping more is more. This is a good test for professional reviewers. So the movie serves a purpose - any reviewer who fails to point this out should go on your "who is he working for?" list.

Most of the above was a first reaction. It is still as unpleasant weeks later. Not just a bad movie, a truly ugly one.