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You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Tired of all the fighting in his country, legendary Israeli commando Zohan (Adam Sandler) fakes his own death and goes to New York, where he can fulfill his fondest dream: to become a hairstylist. Zohan's sexy way with a cut and curl makes him a hit with Manhattan's women, but when enemy Arabs spot him, Zohan has to call on his military skills if he is ever to wield scissors again.

Created by Zvents Zvents

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Jun 30, 2008

Adam Sandler goes deep into character as an Israeli commando turned New York hairdresser in "You Don't Mess With the Zohan." Fitter-looking and less whiny than he's been on screen before, he's actually playing someone other than Adam Sandler.

If only the movie had followed suit. Though, as a broad comedy concerned with Israeli-Palestinian relations, "Zohan" in some ways distinguishes itself as original, it ultimately plays as just another silly Sandler comedy.

The Zohan, a bearded, cutoffs-clad counterterrorism agent who can fend off a dozen bad guys at a time, is – in parlance befitting his retro look – one bad dude. Directed with surprising panache by broad-comedy veteran Dennis Dugan, scenes of Zohan running across rooftops and jumping through windows play as goofy counterparts to similar moments in "Casino Royale" and "The Bourne Ultimatum

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Jun 30, 2008 - think on You Don't Mess With the Zohan
Not His Best...

Adam is normally a lot funnier. I think he was worried about getting the accent right and not being as funny. There were some funny moments though. Definitely a rental.

(no rating) Jun 22, 2008 - georgiapeach06 on You Don't Mess With the Zohan
Go see The Zohan

Me and my husband had a blast when we watched this movie. It had many funny parts and I think overall it was a very GOOD movie. Go Adams!!!

(no rating) Jun 17, 2008 - eruf on You Don't Mess With the Zohan
You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Don't waste your time. This is Adam Sandler's worst movie. I am a fan of his but this is not funny. Alot of bathroom rumor - but not funny. Wait for it to come out on TV.

Jun 14, 2008 - WAYNE&JANE on You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Save your time and money. When we saw the previews months ago we saw great potential for a very funny movie. Saw it and its a piece of garbage. The money and time spent on making a movie and the comedic talent available in this film....a very sorry effort with all involved.

Jun 11, 2008 - Cprettyleaf on You Don't Mess With the Zohan
Damn Adam Sandler Got buff for this movie!

And yeah he actually did it was not a camera trick. I saw an interview with him and he talked about how he trained with a retired marine to get in shape for this movie.

When I saw the preview for this movie the first time almost 6 months ago it looked funny then and it was to a point. A lot of the jokes were from old SNL skits and often crude but all in all it was a funny Adam Sandler film.

Jun 10, 2008 - matt.burda on You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Exceeding my expectations, I thought it was going to be terrible. If you're looking for an in depth movie with a fascinating plot; don't see this. If you want to have a decent chuckle and kill some time; this is a fairly good candidate. The Acting wasn't especially superb, and it was fairly crude, but still funny.

Jun 09, 2008 - AnDroo.Napoli on You Don't Mess With the Zohan
Go Wait for the Zohan...

Yeah I found some moments funny. Some of the jokes were old and over used, the acting met my expectations and was horrible(not a bad thing really, when you expect it). Never been a fan of Adam Sandler personally and would have prefered to have seen 'Kung-Fu Panda'.

HOWEVER: there was a decent message throughout the movie. If it wasn't so sexually explicit, it could have been a decent kids' movie teaching about the ironies of foregners and thier reasons for moving to the states, specifically Israilies, and Palastines. The interaction between the groups seemed actually pretty honest, and uplifting, even though the topic is exceptionally serious, the movie was really a nice "Digested" political piece. Like mixing vitamins in a milkshake, nothign was really forced on the viewer, and the crew took a great deal of care in being non-bias.

But... I suggest you either rent it or wait for it to pop up on TV after a long night of drinking or work, when you're in that "I don't want to think" frame of mind...