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Woodbridge, NJ

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Genres Adventure Action
Running Time 103 min
MPAA rating R
Release Date Aug 13, 2010
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The Expendables

Mercenary leader Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his loyal men take on what they think is a routine assignment: a covert operation to invade the South American country of Vilena and overthrow its dictator. But, when they learn that the job will be a suicide mission, they must choose redemption or the destruction of their brotherhood.

Sylvester Stallone Barney Ross
Jason Statham Lee Christmas
Lin-kit Lee Yin Yang
Terry Crews Hale Caesar
Randy Couture Toll Road
Dolph Lundgren Gunnar Jensen
Giselle Itie Sandra
Eric Roberts James Monroe
David Zayas Gen. Garza
Steve Austin Paine

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Reviews & Comments
Sep 12, 2010 - gasman on The Expendables
Expected no less

This movie ROCKED!! A must see for any action junkie!! It will be on my shelf with the other man-movies... "Goodfellas", "The Untouchables" and "Casino".

Sep 08, 2010 - Salvadordolly on The Expendables
Shouldn't attempt to be thought provoking

After reading the other reviews, am I the only one who was bothered by the blowing up of the palace? I couldn't help thinking: there goes an historical artifact and who is going to clean up the rubble. Suppose I missed the whole point. Also, when I was watching the soldiers getting blown up, shot, etc. I kept thinking "Didn't they just get through blowing him up in the last scene and here they go blowing him up again?" Okay, hoping for a righteous run of movies in the fall. The summer could have used more.

Aug 22, 2010 - Matt70 on The Expendables
Think you.ve seen to many explosions!!!!!!!!!

Damn at the action packed into this movie!!!! the pacing of Expandables rarely lets up,with action and gunfire coming at you in waves.

THERE IS a few cases of actual Plot and character development and these seem to have their place(even if they don't always make sense in a complete sense),but that is understandable cuz the Main group in the film have seen so much violence and death in their time that its understandable that they'd get a little twisted and desensitized the it.

If you love a almost non-stop Barrage of bullets,guns,Knife throwing,ass kicking,Martial arts and car chasing shoot-outs. then u must see expendables!!!!!

The film, wasn't deep enough to recieve my 5 star rating due to the constant action that left little time for development.only one film has ever get a 5 star from me.i Have very high expectations from movies if it ain't truely a masterpiece(in my mind) then it aint getting a 5.

Aug 19, 2010 - Alifeurd on The Expendables
Sex & the City 2, for Man-Dudes!

How I felt during each action sequence: "Damn, this is rad, I really... Wait, did that really just happen? He just... WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!?"

That being said, this action flick moved with a testosterone induced swagger. The very first scene is a bloodshed riddled introduction to all of the character's personalities. There are a couple of lulls when they set up a "rescue the girl to save your soul" plot, but the great outweighed the dragging of feet. There was a scene where Rourke & Stallone became overly emotional, driving said plot into certain motion, where it felt kind of unnatural for these cinder blocks covered in biceps to get teary eyed, but it was acceptable. If I came across them telling a sob story in real life, it would probably be just as awkward watching them break down. On top of that, the characters they were portraying are mercenaries who are more than likely to go off the rocker at some point (in fact they had just witnessed it happen to one of their friends during the intro).

Over the top action, cheesy one-liners, explosions, suplexes, machine guns, car chases, martial arts, muscles and all star action heroes made this worth seeing in the theater.

Aug 18, 2010 - AnDroo.Napoli on The Expendables
"The best action film I've seen"

Not the best movie I've seen, just the best in genre. The best part about this movie is all the "Bad Ass" banter between characters. Everything is so old to them, and that aspect works because as actors, IT IS... Amazingly all the dialogue is well crafted and highly amusing, the "romance" aspect of the movie is just a pinch of salt in the whole stew pot, and used as a device to actually carry a plot line/message through the movie. (And used as a vehicle for more ultra violence)

The Violence in this movie is so ridiculous. And you can almost understand why it is. These guy have been doing this life for so long that they are now living lives where people aren't people anymore, they're just objects. Not going to say the movie is philosophical or anything, but it actually leaves open a door that could be explored further if you wanted to; it's just written in a language I am personally unfamiliar with.

Sans gratuitous sex/nudity, this movie provides everything an action movie needs. It's like 300 set in modern times, with more clothes.

Aug 16, 2010 - Tharrah on The Expendables

I loved this movie!

I haven't seen an action film this good since A-Team, and that had to pull all it's material from a pre-existing source. In this movie, they don't fall prey to some of the more annoying cliches of action movies, but go above and beyond on the ridiculous. I would love to see this movie released on DVD with a kill counter.

The interactions between characters in this movie are enough to really make you enjoy the banter, but remember that this is serious business. All these stars in this film act as well as I expect them to, and some above and beyond. While I would say the acting was bad at times, meatheads really do talk like this, so it actually is spot on. No one in this movie proclaims to be an intellectual. There is no silly "hacking" scene. There is a whole lot of shooting, punching, exploding, and lighting stuff on fire.

The plot in this was simple enough, and not something I've seen all over the place. As a quick plot summary, Stallone's character realizes that he may be loosing his humanity with all the killing he's done, and after hearing a story from a friend in similar straits, realizes that he can make the different choice and actually save someone he would have otherwise just let die. In doing so he kills hundreds more people, but that's how these things go in action movies!

Aug 16, 2010 - scheme on The Expendables
Not enough of...anything.

I wanted to enjoy The Expendables; after all, I am a guy and this appeals to all of my sensibilities (explosions, profanity, guns, more explosions, more profanity), but the problem is that The Expendables had to go and try to form any semblance of a plot or character development. Action films are a strange lot, and it seems like the best ones choose to either have just enough character development to make you like the protagonist so much that you almost believe he's capable of being that awesome (Die Hard), or they forgo virtually any plot or character development and merely shout at you "he's a badass and this film is stupid, who cares" (Predator). This film, unfortunately, does neither of those well.

Just when you're enjoying the over-the-top action sequences and seeing people get blown in half, they have to go and ruin it by making one of them try to act (and have you LOOKED at the cast list? I count one actual actor: Mickey Rourke, and he's a secondary role with pitiful lines in this film). There are a few scenes (such as Jason Statham and Charisma Carpenter's "you're never around" scene, or Mickey Rourke's gag-worthy story about why Sly has to save some woman he barely knows) where you can't help but cringe at watching them try to act; it's like watching a fish out of water, gasping and flopping around on the deck while slowly dying a painful death. These scenes occur far too often and drag on far too long, even if the action scenes that follow them are fantastic.

All in all, an underwhelming movie. The DVD will get a 10/5 star rating from me if they cut all of the cheesy "dramatic" scenes and replace them with stock footage of things blowing up. I don't even care if it's relevant to the plot, because the acting scenes themselves aren't even relevant to the plot. You're supposed to be a guy film, so be a guy film. Don't be 2 parts Predator and 1 part Eat Pray Love - god knows Julia Roberts doesn't need any more help dying her own slow, painful death.

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