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Woodbridge, NJ

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Iron Man

A billionaire industrialist and genius inventor, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), is conducting weapons tests overseas, but terrorists kidnap him to force him to build a devastating weapon. Instead, he builds an armored suit and upends his captors. Returning to America, Stark refines the suit and uses it to combat crime and terrorism.

Robert Downey Jr. Tony Stark/Iron Man
Terrence Howard Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes
Gwyneth Paltrow Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Jeff Bridges Obadiah Stane
Shaun Toub Yinsen
Faran Tahir Raza
Leslie Bibb Christine Everhart
Sayed Badreya Abu Bakar
Clark Gregg Coulson
Bill Smitrovich Gen. Gabriel
Jon Favreau Happy Hogan

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Reviews & Comments
Jun 17, 2008 - DoxieLover on Iron Man
Welcome Back Mr. Downey!

This movie had it all! A definite must see. I was surprised it was released as a summer "blockbuster". It was just that good.

(no rating) May 22, 2008 - teecee on Iron Man
so fun

more than i anticipated.

May 15, 2008 - stoweiam on Iron Man

It was an awesome, action packed, awesome packed movie. I want a suit now.

May 09, 2008 - SaraPasley on Iron Man
Good Movie

I hate the movie Transformers, so I went in expecting something like that. It wasn't anything like it at all. It was a good action packed movie! Had some sarcastically funny parts too!

May 08, 2008 - Sylar on Iron Man
That was totally sweet!

I just spent two of the most awesome hours of my life in a crappy theater where they turned the lights on mid-movie, and it was STILL f'ing awesome.

As everyone has pointed out, Robert Downey Jr is awesome. He is indeed like Dr. House. With hand lasers. And it really just doesn't get any better.

May 08, 2008 - Cprettyleaf on Iron Man
Really Great! Believe the Hype!

This is by far the best Marvel movie to date!

Robert Downey Jr. did a fantastic job as Iron Man. What I really liked about this movie is that you are not forced to suspend all disbelief in the characters actions. Iron Man is not like Superman, invincible unless you have a piece of glowing green rock with you, he is just a human in a freakin sweet metal suit.

The movie is set in the real world during modern time so there is no fictitious city that resembles New York and now crazy maniacal mad man trying to take over the world, just the weapons industry in America.

You don't have to know anything about the comic book series to enjoy this movie, but make sure you stay till after the credits!!

May 07, 2008 - sweetangel4177 on Iron Man
Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!

I don't go see movies in the theater very often, only a couple times a year. Not only did I go see this movie on opening weekend, but I went back and saw it a second time on Tuesday. Twice in under a week! I loved this movie that much. Not a single dull moment in this movie. I knew nothing about the Iron Man comic, but was able to follow the movie perfectly. Fabulous entertainment. I will recommend this movie to everyone I know. Oh, here's little tip to all of you out there....Stay until the very end of the credits. There is a great scene after the last credits finish rolling that you don't want to miss.

May 06, 2008 - AnDroo.Napoli on Iron Man
Waited a long time for a good movie....

As others said, this movie starts off running, and never lets up. It's really a well crafted action movie with just the right amount of comedy mixed in to make it a real high all the way through.

Jeff Bridges really does an awesome job as the ultimate douchebag. I wouldn't consider him so much a "Super villian" as much as I would consider him an egotistical asshole with a nearly bottomless expense account and enough people under him that he can bully into doing his bidding. He's really the rich kid that thinks he's smart because he can buy the best toys.

That vile Starbucks-esque mentality is credit to the writers. They really cut no corners in this film, the attention to detail is amazing, and believable. Sometimes the comedic aspects of the characters seems a bit much, but they keep going with it, and you get a sense that this isn't a movie making comedy relief so much as that's just the way these guys are. The supporting characters add to this effect with thier responses to the leads, what would otherwise piss normal people off to no end, is "business as usual" to them. Which opens the doors for the antagonsists to capitalize on this and use it as both reason for their actions and as a weapon to layer a level of "hung you with your own rope".

Robert Downey Jr.'s character Tony Stark really is no fool. He sees when he screws up, not soon enough to prevent chaos, but just before the antagonsists get thier word in. Robert's acting added so much to this role, keeping him always one step ahead of the group the entire film. He leads the audience through this story.

I never read the Iron Man comics, but this type of super hero is one that I enjoy. Superman is lame due to his indestructible nature, he's above us, super human and all powerful, save for an alergy to a particular green rock... But characters like Batman and Iron Man are more enjoyable because they are just normal guys (save for the bank accounts). They create a realness that fosters a good avenue for being able to watch a film and really think about what's going on. When you see a movie like Superman, you are walking in already with the premise "Oh he's a f'ing alien, he just has super powers" it's extremely easy to just fall for the gimics as they come. But in Batman's case, or Iron Man, they really need to hold on to reality a little tighter. This movie accomplishes that feat flawlessly. No, he idnd't just pop in the suit and kick ass all over the place... In fact he got the wind knocked out of him more often than he was actually successful. And even made corrections and revisions throughout the entire movie.

There is no superpower greater than pure dumb luck. (A massive bank account helps though)

May 05, 2008 - Tharrah on Iron Man
Perfectly Done!

I can honestly say this was the best Marvel movie I have seen, and I have seen all the ones that have come out in the past decade. I'm not entirely shocked that Robert Downey Jr. was able to play a billionaire playboy, although I am sure it was a bit of a stretch from his current standing as a millionaire playboy.

From start to finish this was a great movie, with everything done in a flowing linear manner. Even if you haven't been a fan of the super hero movies int he past I think anyone would enjoy. There is a little drama, alot of comedy, and a ton of action.

May 05, 2008 - cnapoli on Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr. is your new bicycle

All I can say is wow! Finally a Marvel superhero movie that doesn't rely on the audience being completely versed in the source material, or inquisitive enough to wikipedia it later to fill in the character motivation and backstory holes themselves.

But what really makes this movie work is Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as Tony Stark. His attitude, delivery, whit, humor, everything, is perfect. Stark is a prodigy and playboy who "the ladies love and other men want to be." There's no insecurity or inner conflict in Stark; he's a man at the top of his game with no regrets.

But he finally seen first person the horrors of war and can no longer avoid taking responsibility for his own role in proliferating violence. Instead of letting guilt torment him, he turns his energies to protecting the world from evil using his genius to build the flying and gadget-packed Iron Man suit.

Cheers to Gwyneth Paltrow for taking the supporting roll as Pepper Potts and bringing some substance to the roll. They could have easily gone with a "starlet-du-jour" as pure eye candy; I'm so glad they used a real actress. I was also happy that Jeff "The Dude" Bridges was picked to play the villain, Obadiah Stane, who is the perennial #2, tired of being in Stark's shadow, ready for his comeuppance and will do anything to get it.

This IS a comic book movie, so you need to suspend a little disbelief. It avoids being dark and hyper realistic, which spoiled the fun of 1990's comic book movies for me, but it doesn't become a CG cartoon-fest, like, oh, the Spider Man movies or Episodes I to III. The balance between real and CG is perfect. They actually made an Iron Man costume for Downey to wear! How refreshing!

If you're someone who rolls his/her eyes when a Trailer for a comic book movie comes on the screen, Iron Man will restore some faith in the genre. It very well may be the 'best' comic movie ever: it has character development, real actors, excellent depth and weight to the action scenes visual effects, that make you go "wow," not "huh".

May 05, 2008 - vicaya on Iron Man

All superhero movies have those "yeah right" moments. For this one, they're kept to a minimum, because both characters and technologies are developed convincingly enough along with the story. The attention to details is astounding.

BTW, relax and enjoy the credits...

May 05, 2008 - Soli on Iron Man
Caution: The Hype Might Ruin it for You

At least, it almost did for me. I was indifferent about "Iron Man", content to wait until the crowds died down, but when I heard that it was in the same gritty vein as "Batman Begins", I decided to brave the obnoxiously loud weekend matinée crowd. Although it is not nearly as gritty, it is definitely worth seeing, even if you end up pinned between loud adults who should know better and small children who have no place in the theater.

The script is decent and the special effects are very good, but it's the cast that saves "Iron Man" from wandering into the banal and superficial. Robert Downey, Jr. brings his A-game. His sardonic wit lends itself perfectly to the role of the egomaniacal genius of Tony Stark. Gwyneth Paltrow is an elegant foil. Jeff Bridges gives his character the depth of a true villain.

"Iron Man" walks a tight line between not taking itself too seriously and pulling you into the very real moments the characters share. The transition can be slightly jarring at times. Don't let the critics (or even your friends) ruin this for you. Go in with as few expectations as possible, not because it's terrible, but because the movie deserves a fair shake. It's a good Marvel movie, but it can stand alone.

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May 05, 2008 - pobrien on Iron Man
Iron Man is one of the best Marvel films

I'd go further to say one of the best super hero films. Everyone was well cast and cameos from Director Jon Favreau and creator Stan Lee were enjoyable. Iron Man is action packed, humorous, well written, and fantastic!

May 05, 2008 - scheme on Iron Man
The Robert Downey Jr. Show

The title says it all. Robert Downey Jr. manages to grab your attention and run with it, skating through scenes and making it look all too easy. He's a likable jerk, in the "You really need to learn what tact is, but you're a genius and what you're saying is so clever that it's okay" variety made famous by the FOX show "House".

The one thing I really like about this movie is that it understands that it's a superhero movie, and acts accordingly. Tony Stark incurs a certain "learning curve" with his project of creating a virtually indestructible exoskeleton, which leads to some hilarious problems. The movie understands that, to create a superhero in a real world, it does require some suspended disbelief. It pokes just enough fun at itself to remind you that it is a movie designed to be fun. In that field, they have succeeded.

My only qualm about the movie is that, while I love its ability to poke fun at itself, the movie just doesn't seem to know which identity it has at times. Sometimes the movie is a gritty "superhero in a real world, and very capable of death" film, and sometimes it's a "no human being could ever do this" movie. While it's possible to find a happy middle point, it spends far too much time building up Tony Stark's character and inner struggles for it to then ask us to believe that a scrap-made armored suit prototype built in a cave in the Middle East could shrug off an anti-artillery gun but then be completely destroyed by a 50-100 foot fall that still manages to leave him completely intact. Bottom line: You're either Batman Begins or you're Shoot 'Em Up. Taking the best of both of them doesn't work.

Having said as much, I still gave it four stars because of its intelligent humor and self-awareness. That and Robert Downey Jr. does a fantastic job of living the role of the Tony Stark from Marvel lore. Go see it and you will not be disappointed. Also, remember to stick around for the end of the credits for a short "teaser" from a possible Iron Man 2. Enjoy!

May 04, 2008 - nodrog on Iron Man
Nearly Perfect ...

For lapsed comic book fans this is brawny retelling of one of Marvel's most enduring superheroes. Robert Downey Jr. is great in this role as is Jeff Bridges. A real knockout!

May 04, 2008 - jibble on Iron Man
Rotten Tomatoes 95%...me 75%

Great movie, although i think the hype ruined it for me. If you like run em' gun em' action this is a quality flick. It's your typical comic book hero movie, great effects/action but lacks any kind of intellectual stimulus. Entertaining..yes... 95%...no.

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