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Columbus, OH

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The Screens at the Continent

6360 Busch Blvd., Columbus, OH, 43229
(614) 318-0550

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Movies Showing at The Screens at the Continent
Today, Thursday, Jul 24
Romantic Comedy - PG-13
12:20 5:20 9:25
Adventure, Action - PG-13
2:05 7:05
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
2:15 9:15
Comedy, Adventure, Animated - PG
2:15 7:15
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
12:00 5:00 7:00
Drama - PG
2:20 7:20
Comedy, Adventure, Science Fiction, Animated - PG
12:15 5:15 7:15
Comedy - R
12:05 5:05 9:20
Comedy, Adventure, Animated - G
12:10 2:10 5:10 7:10 9:10
Adventure, Action - PG-13
2:00 9:00
Comedy, Adventure, Animated - PG
12:05 5:05 9:05
Location & Nearby Info
The Screens at the Continent
6360 Busch Blvd.
Columbus, OH 43229
(614) 318-0550
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Reviews & Comments
May 10, 2012 - madeline2
rude staff/filfthy premises/stale food

Unbelievably rude staff!
If u complain about something, they totally dont care making rude very unprofessional comments. If ur 5 minutes late they wont sell you a ticket unless someone else is already in there as they dont want to pay 4 heating the room apparently.I cant count the number of times one or the other of the employees was so rude it ruined the first 1/4th of the movie for me as I could not get their rudeness out of my mind. They seem to have no costumer service skills. This is possibly the worst thing about this theater. At least 7 friends/family members refuse to go here & insist we go to cinemark-Bethel as they can't stand the staff.
Its often freezing in here I mean colder than any theater Ive ever been in. Always have to wear a coat & then still cold. So r the people I go w/so I know it is not just me. I guess 2 save $
Probelms with pitch black theatre. Not only do they not show previews they turn the movie off the 2nd the credits start. Sometimes they instantly shut off all and I mean ALL the lights even the floor lights- before you can grab ur coat (if you love the cold & not wearing it), they shut off all lights including any aisle lights/side lights. Its a definite safety hazard & u keep hitting things trying to walk in the pitch black. The person w/me tripped & got hurt-was in pain all the way home. Complain & they always blame it on some "idiot" I guess the projectionists we hear them arguing with They also did this several times in my presence They also often shut off all lights in the hall even when you are in them so one can barely see to get out of the entire theater in addition to the individual theater. They want you out of there the second the movie ends.
Lights are always on which is very distracting but off totally the second the movie ends.
Often the movies are out of focus or keep shutting down or you get the half screens w/the bottom at the top. Sound has been garbled.Once a movie, I went to shut down at least 5 times. Noone ever offered us any refund-they hold onto every $ no matter how bad your experience. On top of it they act angry you have the nerve to complain although not on every occasion.
Very filthy bathrooms often full of urine and toilet paper on the floor and feces smeared around at times as others have shared.
Once someone I went with to movie did have their car broken into as this is apparently a high crime area.. Other friends will not go as they heard of similar break ins into cars
Popcorn I got was awful, nearly every single piece had a hard seed in it so I had to spit it out. Very stale -possibly the worst popcorn I ever had but maybe it depends on the day. I try to avoid it as I don't want to hurt my teeth due to the hard kernels in the whole bag. It was good once though. Maybe they save the old popcorn for the bargain day which is the only day I ever see anyone here at night. Someone I was with several times got stale snacks.
If you ask a question or irritate them off by any little thing you unknowingly do to tick off the women w/a sour face, chip on her shoulder & rotten demeanor, she ignores you & waits on everyone behind you making you late for the movie even though you got there in plenty of time.They only show movies when it pleases them & used to shut the theater down if business was too light, so they could save money even though you drove all the way there. When their very unprofessional behavior started losing them customers they apparently now take the few people they get..if they want to.
I once wrote elsewhere people should support this theater as it seemed family run and had no business I did not want to be left with just one cheap theater but now I am wondering why I care so much about a family who has never valued me or many of their customers to offer even moderate customer service & civility. I go to movies to relax not to get upset.
I go to cinemark the other $ theater.theyre packed every day & have so many theaters & at times they are all nearly full..I wonder why this place has next to no business when the other theater is always hopping. At screens we are often are the one one in there or w/just a couple people. Now I am getting it in reading reviews & my own experiences. They are losing the clientele they have due to how they run this place which could be so great as it has big theaters & the right price, but it can't make up for fifth & more importantly atrocious customer service/treatment.
Either they dont understand the standards of the average American or they are so understaffed they cant keep the place up or they just dont care. The last few times I was here, I was so upset with how a complaint was handled & how I was treated as a customer, I decided evenif they get a whole new staff, I don't want to go there anymore to help this couple due to how they have treated me from day 1.

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