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Burleson, TX

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Premiere 14 at Burleson Commons

1581 SW Wilshire Blvd., Burleson, TX, 76028
(817) 426-3000

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Movies Showing at Premiere 14 at Burleson Commons
Today, Saturday, Jul 26
Comedy, Action - R
11:35a 2:20 5:05 7:50 10:35
Documentary - PG-13
11:25a 2:05 4:45 7:25 10:05
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
12:50 3:55 7:00 10:05
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
11:00a 1:55 4:55 8:00
Adventure, Science Fiction, Drama - PG
Adventure, Fantasy, Action - PG-13
11:30a 2:05 4:40 7:15 9:50
Adventure, Fantasy, Action - PG-13
12:15 2:50 5:25 8:00 10:35
Science Fiction, Thriller, Action - R
12:15 2:40 5:05 7:30 9:55
Adventure, Fantasy, Action - PG
Comedy, Adventure, Animated - PG
11:30a 1:50 4:10 6:30 8:45
Comedy, Adventure, Animated - PG
7:30 9:50
Comedy - R
12:15 2:45 5:15 7:45 10:15
Comedy - R
12:00 2:30 5:00 7:40 10:00
Horror, Thriller - R
12:00 2:40 5:20 8:00 10:40
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
11:55a 3:35 7:15
Location & Nearby Info
Premiere 14 at Burleson Commons
1581 SW Wilshire Blvd.
Burleson, TX 76028
(817) 426-3000
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Reviews & Comments
(no rating) May 27, 2012 - artemesia
Really? You're sticking your feet near someone's head

I am thinking: (1) you're rude, you knew what you were doing was wrong if in your mind you thinking..."when is this person/lady going to ask me to put my feet down" (2) you'd do this to someone you love and/or respect? I don't think so.

Come on get a life and grow up. Be someone your family and friends could be proud of. Right now...not.

(no rating) Mar 14, 2011 - miestro333
People and their arguments about feet

I just wish people would get over having feet by thier head, Last time I was there I was watching a whole movie, and everyone seemed fine. Around the last 15 minutes from the end of the movie some lady just freaked out on the girl behind her. It was so rude! I don't appreciate somone waiting 15 minutes from the end of this great movie if she didn't appreciate feet. LEARN PAY ATTENTION TO THE FILM IN FRONT OF YOU JEEZ!

(no rating) Jul 11, 2010 - rguy
Feet and thier people

I just wish people would get over me putting my feet by thier head, Last time I was there I had my feet up right by this woman's head the whole movie, she seemed fine with it. Around the last 15 minutes from the end of the movie she just freaked out on me. It was so rude! I don't appreciate somone waiting 15 minutes from the end of this great movie if she diddnt appreciate my feet. LEARN TO ENJOY THE SMELL OF GREAT FEET JEEZ!

Feb 07, 2010 - Rlady
People and their feet

I just wish people would not put there feet up by your head. Last time I was there a girl behind me had her feet up right by my head the whole movie I was so upset. I lasted about 15 min. from the end of the movie then just freaked out on her. She had the nerve to call me rude! I don't apperciate having to smell peoples feet a foot away from my head. KEEP YOUR FEET OFF THE CHAIRS WHEN PEOPLE ARE SITTING IN THEM JEEZ!

Jan 31, 2010 - burleson1980
new but has that old pig movie house feel

this was great for about 2 months. Then the movies dont start at the right times, they are not cleaned between movies, many broken seats, dont be at the last show and want anything from the snack bar. it will be half out or cleaned up for the night. Bathrooms are ALWAYs dirty like a outhouse in mexico!

Nov 05, 2009 - Moviefreak
Very Impressed... Two thumbs up

We love this Theater. Last week alone we saw Couples Retreat, Law Abiding Citizen, Paranormal Activity (Midnight Showing) and Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. This place is not only clean but the staff has always been amazingly nice. The lady at the counter told us about the (Rewards) card, every time you go to the movies you use your card and get things like free popcorn and food. Never been to a movie theater that has offered a rewards card. I was also informed from my nephew, who is also a frequent flyer at Premier 14 that the cup holders raise so you can have more room between seats. I have not tried this yet, but will tomorrow when we see the new Michael Jackson movie. I would tell everyone I know to go to this theater. I will remain faithful to this theater.

Jul 11, 2009 - jrogers1
Great Job

We were impressed with both the theater and the staff. The prices I felt were good as well. Few theaters allow free refills on drinks and popcorn. Even Cleburne charges 50 cents for refills on popcorn and no free refills on drinks as far as I know. Prices were much the same. Yes seat prices in Cleburne are cheaper and the seats were nice when they replaced them. But as with any new place someone always abuses property and expects the business to "make it better". Some people need to appreciate and take care of the businesses and attractions they visit. KEEP your feet where they belong...on the floor. Stop destroying property put there to accomodate you.
What I have read in some of the reviews of this theater is that the movie stopped, pixeled etc. What some may not realize is that some of this is not at all related to the "theater or its' operators" but due to the "movie" itself. These are moved numerous times from one theater to the next and simply "wear out". It is not always equipment malfuncion or operator fault.
Considering that the theater has comfortable seating, reasonable food pricing and CLEAN for the most part bathrooms, friendly staff and fair ticket pricing,,we give it **** stars.
And this will surely hack some off but hey it is what it is.
TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES, and consider others who pay to see and HEAR the movie. Texting is very disrupting, annoying and just plain RUDE. It is usually those inconsiderate few who Ruin my movie experience, not the theater.

Jun 15, 2009 - gradyy
dont care

I dont care if people are nice that serve me at a movie theater. As long as the seats are comfortable, the movie starts ontime, and it is not blurry. it would be better if the refreshments were a little cheaper but all in all this theater is way better than hollywood are any other theater in its area. :)

Aug 19, 2008 - dr_burchfield
Very Nice

The start up of anything new always has a few bugs. I think that they have done everything that was supposed to be done to make people happy with the bugs that they simpily had to work through. They are very friendly and good people. Thank you for a wonderful movie theater.

Aug 03, 2008 - Jackal
Worst theater ever

First time going there to see The Dark Knight. 30 seconds of sound went missing, a line all the way up the screen for 10 mins during the middle of the movie and it went "digital" a few times and lost picture for a second.

Tried it again with a friend and saw the Dark Knight again on August 2nd at the 3:15pm showing. No sound at first, then it kicked in. Half way through the movie it shut off and went to the ads preivew with no sound (like before the movie starts). That lasted 5 mins and people were starting to get pretty pissed off. Several people got up and told someone about it. They fixed it, but we lost 5 mins of the movie and people were talking about never coming back there again.

They even messed up the X-Files movie!

The seats and stuff are nice. It is a new movie theater so that's to be expected of course. So I don't know if all these reviews of " great seats and nice colors" etc apply. Since all new theaters are like that.

I'll never go there again. It's not as far to go there as the other one on the other side of Burleson, but I'd rather drive an extra 10 mins and get a decent show, than a place that can't get their crap together.

Jul 30, 2008 - dragonsgold5
Nice Theater, Great People!

This is a great place to go to the movies. New theaters with stadium seating offer a great view, and the roomy, plush, slightly oversized seats are extremely comfortable. All the employees are friendly and ready to help, and concessions are, well, concessions - lots of movie food for the usual movie price. An enjoyable experience!

(no rating) Jul 18, 2008 - mssmith
Everything not Great

Yes, nice and new but the service was not that great. Waited WAY too long at concessions even though there were folks behind the counter. The didn't distribute the service evenly. Horrible first experience.

Jul 12, 2008 - Juliebee
Beautiful new theater

The newly opened Premier theater in Burleson is beautiful! Four large screens with stadium seating and eight smaller screens. Nice sound, beautifully done walls with sound insulation. Builders went beyond the minimal standards with asthetics. Pricing is just below the Hollywood in Burleson, but so much nicer. Will never go back to the ill-kept other movie theater in Burleson after going to this one! Highly recommend this theater!!!

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