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Atoka, TN

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Cineplanet 16

79 Atoka-Munford Rd., Atoka, TN, 38004
(901) 876-3456

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Movies Showing at Cineplanet 16
Today, Wednesday, Jul 30
Comedy, Action - R
1:30 4:30 7:15 9:45
Comedy - PG-13
1:00 3:10 5:20 7:30 9:40
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
1:00 3:40 6:20 8:50
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
1:45 4:25 7:05 9:45
Adventure, Fantasy, Action - PG-13
1:00 2:00 3:10 4:10 5:20 6:20 7:30 8:30 9:40
Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Animated - PG
1:00 3:05 5:10 7:15
Science Fiction, Thriller, Action - R
1:00 2:00 3:10 4:10 5:20 6:20 7:30 8:30 9:40
Comedy, Adventure, Animated - PG
1:00 3:00 5:00 7:00 9:00
Comedy, Adventure, Animated - PG
2:00 4:00 6:05 8:00
Comedy - R
1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:05 7:00 8:00 9:00
Comedy - R
1:00 3:10 5:20 7:30 9:40
Horror, Thriller - R
1:00 3:10 5:20 7:30 9:40
Adventure, Science Fiction, Action - PG-13
1:00 4:15 7:30 9:20
Location & Nearby Info
Cineplanet 16
79 Atoka-Munford Rd.
Atoka, TN 38004
(901) 876-3456
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Reviews & Comments
Oct 01, 2010 - BucketofMars
Only Game in Town

I avoid this theater and try to go to Malco in Memphis when I'm running errands in the city. I still go to this theater sometimes but leave wondering why I gave it another shot. In my experience, the bathrooms are almost always filthy, the dryers stopped working and there is rarely any soap. Last film I went to there were projection problems. I had to hunt someone down to fix it. We pay extra for 3D glasses that broke when we tried to wear them. The theaters are almost always filthy and the seats are stained. Some of the employees are nice. It still is ridiculous that they do not have a credit card machine but are happy to charge you $2 in fees to use their atm. Everything is very overpriced. The owner went so far as to build a wall separating the parking lot from a gas station to prevent people from walking to the convenience store to snack prior to watching a movie. For as expensive movies here are, common cleanliness, functional projectors, decent bathrooms, and non-broken 3d glasses should be regular practice. I'm sure I'll go here again...and be disappointed, again.

Jun 19, 2010 - Michael
Loved it...once but will take the advice of last reviewer now and go to Memphis!

We've been coming to the theater since it opened and loved it until now! The manager is rude, they would not honor a Disney voucher for Toy Story 3 that their name is listed on the website for as participating in and accepting the vouchers.  As we were talking to the manager another lady said she was mean and wouldn't even fill her babys bottle the week before then she wanted to argue with the lady.  Well I guess just Malco for us. I hate this because it was a great place to go, but wont return to a place that the manager argues with you and doesn't care about the customer who pays her salary. We were even paying for 2 of the 4 tickets, the other 2 were from Disney.

Jun 04, 2010 - Jenn23

Here's an idea.. if you hate the place so much,DONT GO! drive to Memphis..Memphis is what 50 cents cheaper?? & Another thing..if concessions is too high,DONT EAT THERE! eat before you see a movie! the people that work there are beyond nice & if its hot in the theatre they give you passes to come back next time. geeze what more do you want?

Apr 24, 2010 - Tina

My daughter and her husband went to see the movie Letters to God today, they paid to get in and got their tickets and then were told that he couldn't stay and watch the movie because he had on a tank top. I have never seen a sign posted stating this. My mom called up there and asked about it and they said that there is a dress code for guys but not the girls. Something is wrong with this picture. I have seen some young ladies with short skirts, tank tops, low cut blouses, etc...What is this world coming to?

Nov 11, 2009 - tabbyjanewarren
very nice theater and employees

My family has been to this theater on many occasions and have always been very satisfied. At least once a month my children go there. The concessions and prices are compatible to any of those in Memphis, without the drive. The only problems we have had were the patrons who were looking for something to be unhappy about. If the movie isn't good to you, that's not their fault, they didn't make it, nor, the advertisement for it. It has always been as clean as it could be, considering the amount of people it takes in. If people cleaned up after themselves, they wouldn't have to hire so many others and cost could be lower. The biggest problem I ever had there was while watching a movie, someone thought it to be a good time to smoke dope. The staff looked into it and of course couldn't find who was doing it. So, go to Memphis, it's your gas and your money and with complainers like some of you'll, maybe the movie can be heard.

Aug 22, 2009 - bestdog
pleasant theater

We are surprised to see such poor reviews of the Atoka theater. After such lack of courtesy and manners from the attendants at public places in Memphis, we are pleased to see young people say "thank you", words not known in Memphis. The theater is clean and the food good and the service is cheerfully given with a smile.we've never found the popcorn to be stale. The restrooms were found to be clean, seats clean and comfortable and the customers are friendly and polite during the movies.The prices are comparable to any elsewhere and any increase is similar to what has taken place all over the country during this economic slowdown.Only once was the air conditioning not cool, but during the movie it got cooler.Anytime we have addressed any concerns with the manager, they were addressed promptly. We're glad to have this place close by so we don't have to go into Memphis.

May 30, 2009 - TechGuy62
Nice Place

We have been to this theater many times and never had a bad experiance. The staff is very pleasant and the facility is clean and inviting. Yes the concessions are high but they are everywhere. Try to go to Memphis and find a theater as nice as this one with better prices. About he ATM well they all charge you a fee if it isn't your bank. Maybe if you can't afford the 2 bucks you should stay home. Bottem line, This is a business and a good one. This is a welcome addition to our community and we are glad to have it.

Mar 27, 2009 - SkyyStarr
Decent Theater

I have only been to this theater twice once on a weekend night and once on a Monday early evening. I will admit my first visit was a shocker on the credit/debit cards but the convienence of an ATM was good. The only real complaint for the first visit was that there were alot of teens hanging out in the lobby as well as the parking lot which made it hard to maneuver through. The seats and air and customer service were never a problem. Plus I would rather see the kids hanging somewhere safe than off in gangs and doing god knows what.
The second visit was alot quieter. I suggest that if you do not like alot of teens around you should go during the week...with that note there are only two times each show runs throughout the week. I was told this was the case because the main patrons at the theater were high school students. Overall good experiences will definitely go back.

Mar 01, 2009 - pnut901
Good theater.

I go here a lot, never any problems with the theater or staff. The people are nice, seats comfortable,bathrooms are clean. Only a couple of gripes. There are no paper towels in the bathrooms to dry your hands with or soap/gel to wash with. Spend the couple of bucks and do it right. Charging extra for 3-d glasses, then demanding them back after the movie is very, very, tacky. Where did they get this idea from ? It's tasteless. What do they want the glasses back for anyway ? Are they recycling them ? I think that it's disgusting to re-use those glasses, no one wants to wear them after they've been on a strangers face .
Who are these weird people who comment on others reviews ? Telling them to stop complaining, go to Memphis, etc ? They are mad because people have "the nerve" to actually review the place truthfully ! Are they Employees of this place or what ? I find it odd that their whole review is an argument about someone elses review. Those aren't real reviews and should be edited off of the site.

Jan 12, 2009 - getoveryourself
nice theater

This is a very nice theater. It is extremely nice that it is so close. I have never had any problems with this theater with air conditioning, etc..never. The lady who complained must be having hot flashes. Some people you can't please no matter how hard you try. The employees have never been rude. Not crazy about having to pay extra for 3d glasses and giving them back, but hey life isn't perfect. Get over yourself and try to enjoy life.

Jan 02, 2009 - boppie

cineplanetg has good prices on every thing and ther esckans are good also and when you got to see any movie they have just be nice and they will be nice and don't froget to trow you'r trash away that helps them!!

Oct 22, 2008 - shamrock_missy
Chill out!

I have taken my children (ages 7 and 12) to this theater many, many times. The only issues we have ever encountered were from rude patrons, not employees.

If you have been here before, then you KNOW there is indeed an ATM just inside the front door. There is also a bank with an ATM in front of the facility; there is even an ATM in the gas station across the street and another bank around the corner with an ATM! If you are not a patron of those banks, guess what?! They will charge an ATM fee too!

If you are an intelligent adult planning to attend this theater, then plan ahead and bring cash. Stop acting like and complaining on here like a spoiled child.

Yes, concessions are expensive. The last time I went to a movie in Memphis the concessions there were expensive too.

I have never had an employee speak to us rudely, as a matter of fact they are usually smiling and joking around among themselves and the customers. Perhaps they are simply reacting to the bad attitude someone walked in with.

Only one time has the air conditioning not worked and we were given free passes to return at a later date, without having to complain or ask for them.

Many of the complaints I see here are very petty. How about I offer two options for the moaners: 1. Wait til the movie comes out on DVD and watch it in the comfort of your own home, or 2: there is a drive-in still operational on Summer Ave in Memphis. Why not go there, they will take your credit/debit cards, take in your own cheap snacks and sit alone in your car so the rest of us don't have to deal with your self centered, whining attitudes!

Oct 03, 2008 - catcrazy97
Could be better

I was excited when Cineplanet was being built. I was so happy to not have to drive to Memphis to see a movie. I must say after my first movie viewing experience I was and still am very disappointed. I feel that because it is the only theater in the area, they tend to take advantage of the customers. The prices at the concession stand are very expensive...$3 for a king size bag of M&M's? I can go to Memphis and see a movie for about $10 cheaper than going to Cineplanet. Another issue is the sound. Everytime I see a movie there, the sound is way too low. You have to strain your ears to hear! The times I went in the summer the theater was extremely hot.I had sweat streaming down my back! Several other people were complaining that day. Now, if I want to see a movie I will usually go to Memphis and just try to plan a time when I can do other things while I'm down that way. The fact that they only take cash is a minus as well. They need to get with the program and get more competitive or they are going to lose more customers who don't want to be taken advantage of anymore.

(no rating) Sep 19, 2008 - Mad Mom
Terrible Theater

I have to agree with all the bad comments. I have continued to go this theater because it is so close and I have small children.
This is a small theater in a small town which is why they should display small town charm and customer service. No one is expecting them to be just like Memphis, but COME ON!
We went to see Journey to the Center of the Earth. I paid $2.00 extra for the glasses.(3 pair) They started playing the wrong movie. Once it was brought to their attention, they began the correct movie in the wrong spot and the punk at the front counter was very unconcerned & extremely rude when I came back out of theater to ask what the problem was. No one should have to beg the staff to help them.
Once they finally got the problem corrected, we watched the movie. When is was over, there were two kids with boxes blocking the door demanding the glasses (that we paid extra for) back. Now I have no need for 3-D glasses, but standing at the door like Nazi's!
The bathroom had NO soap dispensers, they weren't empty, they just weren't there. GROSS!
This is just one of the many many bad experiences we have had there and I keep saying I won't go back.
There is always a problem with the movie: out of focus,they play the wrong movie, the power goes out, the food is always cold, the staff is rude and the fountain is tacky...LOL!

Mad Mom

Aug 16, 2008 - Kaze
No Problems

Man!! Some of you need to quit going by Starbucks on the way to the movie theater and relax. I've been there several times...never had a single problem. Like Rex said in his reply...I treat the people there with a great deal of respect and I get the same in return. My advice...keep going to Memphis so we can watch our movies in peace.


Jul 26, 2008 - rexwonderdog
Decent price, decent customer service

I have read the other reviews and don't think they are entirely fair. CinePlanet isn't your typical theater. It isn't big screens and recliners like those big chain theaters. It is a small town theater. Lots of kids work there, but if you talk nicer to them than you do a dog you will get friendly service. No, they don't accept credit cards, if you don't want to pay the high ATM fee for using their machine you can use the one at the BANK next door. We have talked to the manager before when there were problems with sound and got a fast friendly response. No, nobody is in the booth monitoring, they don't have enough staff or make enough money to afford full time projectionists for each screen. On the plus side, the cost is cheaper than going to Memphis, even before you add in the savings in gas. You are supporting a local business and you don't have to commit 2 hours of driving time. We are going there tomorrow and we are looking forward to enjoying ourselves as usual. It is still new and growing and I am sure at some point they will work out the kinks, but until then folks should give them a break. If you expect big chain experience, you will be disappointed. If you go in knowing it is a small town theater you will enjoy yourself.

(no rating) Jul 12, 2008 - Gmoney
Bad Experience!!

The first time I went to this theater I had a problem. The sound was messed up and you could barely hear the movie. I said I would never go back!! Well I Chnaged my mind.
I Decided to take my releatives from Florida to the movies. We saw the new Adam Sandler movie(Pretty bad) Anyway, the temperture outside was around 90. I think the temperature inside the theater was around 110. About half way through the movie, we decided to complain to the manager. She told us we could wait until a later show and watch it again on a different screen. We informed her that we had dinner plans and could not make the later show. The manager said sorry but that is all she could do. The manager was a very rude lady that had no idea about customer service. If she knew and she did, why did they sell tickets for a movie that had no air!! She could have solved the problem by giving out passes. But she did not!! Well I will drive to Memphis from now on!! It may cost more but I will have air and the seats will be more comfortable. There seats are very small!!! I have never had a problem at any theater in Memphis!! I give cinaplanet an F. If you don't believe it, try for yourself!!!

May 31, 2008 - thedreamer1311
I beg to differ....

When my husband and I arrived at this movie theater the person running the box office immediately informed us that neither debit nor credit cards were accepted there, but failed to mention that there was an ATM on the inside. So instead we walked next door to the gas to get money out of the ATM they have there.
We walk the short distance back get our tickets and proceed to see the movie. Not only is it the theater almost completely packed, the two seats we actually find together are ones set up as so that you cannot see the screen other than the seats in the very first row. When we go to inform the manager of this she rudely informs us that there are no refunds given and yells at someone to get someone else. The kids working the concession stand explain that it is probably because too many people had snuck into the movie, but the manager insists that the theater wasn't even close to being sold out, and does nothing about the kids who snuck into the movie. Fortunately the rudeness of not only the manager but the man who led us to our seats did not ruin the movie. But this is one movie theater I definitely will never return to.

Apr 13, 2008 - starrpuppy

IN contrast to the snob who wrotw thw previous review, we find this theater to be a great alternative to going to Memphis.

It would be more convenient if they accepted debit/credit cards, but after your first visit you should be prepared for that. Doors are clearly marked "Entrance" and "Exit". If you cannot read them, or think yoyu are above the rules, go to Memphis and see if they treat you any better.

It is worth the extra dollar (if there is inde3d a price difference)to not have to drive to Memphis.

The staff is much more friendly than you might find in Memphis, and if you see your fellow Tipton County residents to be "Rednecks", please feel free to go live in the more "refined" crime infested city of Memphis. We do not needd you here.

Nov 25, 2007 - dmjacobsen
I will never go to this theater again

I went to this theater because I thought it would be a closer drive than to Memphis. If I had known it was going to be as bad as it was, I would have just taken the extra 10 minutes to go to the city.

When I went up to the box office to pay for my tickets, I was told that they didn't accept cards and that I would have to go inside to use the ATM. So, not only am I paying an extra dollar over the usual ticket prices, I have to pay even *more* because of the ATM fees (they use one of those junk ATM machine companies, not a local bank ATM). So, I'm at $17 for 2 tickets (usually about $15 in Memphis), plus I'm paying $4.50 in ATM fees because the theater can't be bothered to get a merchant account.

That's not even the worst of it. When I went to go inside the theater, I apparently went in the wrong way because the doors are not marked Entrace/Exit. I was stopped by the manager and told I couldn't come in that way and that I would have to go outside and come in the entrance. I explained to him that I was just going to the ATM to get some money. I could see the ATM from where I was. It was no more than 20 feet away, and he could have watched me go to it. But, he insisted that I "follow the rules" and go outside and come back in the other door.

Now, I'm 29 years old. Not some punk-ass teenager who was trying to get over on the theater. This manager obviously had no customer service training whatsoever. I was fed up at this point and would have left, but I was taking my sister (who is only in town once a year) to a movie and would have had to drive another 40 minutes to go to a different theater because I went out of my way to go to this one.

So, I do as I'm asked, leave and come back in the other door 20 feet away. As I come in, there are a bunch of kids hanging around the ATM machine, not using it. The manager's time would be better spent dispersing lounging kids than harassing a grown adult about using the wrong door.

After I spend about 10 minutes having to inconvenience myself by going inside, being harassed by management, and going back outside to get in line, I finally get into the theater, which is populated mostly by local redneck teens who think it's okay to talk out loud during the movie (obviously because they weren't paying for the tickets).

As an aside, the movie was a rated R horror movie, and there were a LOT of teens and tweens without parents in the theater, so that shows you how much the management is paying attention to the real issues.

Overall, the theater itself is clean (probably only because it's fairly new), but the staff is crap for customer service, and the whole experience was muddled by the hassle of just trying to get inside the place.

I will never, EVER go to this theater again.

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